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Churchill Auditorium Ground Floor

Whittle Third Floor

St James Suite Fourth Floor

Westminster Suite Fourth Floor

Moore Fourth Floor

Abbey Fourth Floor

Mountbatten Sixth Floor

Gielgud Second Floor

Burton & Redgrave Second Floor

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08.00 - 08.45


How I Do It - Revision Frontal Sinus Surgery And The Modified Endoscopic Draf 3

Assessment And Management Of Patients With Altered Sense Of Smell

New Insights Into Anterior Ethmoid / Frontal Recess Anatomy Challenging The Cell-Based Concepts Of Past And Present

How I Do It - Endoscopic Excision Of Juvenile Angiofibroma

How I Do It: Transorbital Skull Base Surgery

How I Do It - Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Patient Assessment For Septorhinoplasty

How I Do It - Vidian Neurectomy

Evidence Based Recommendations In Rhinosinusitis - The Art Of Providing Best Science

How I Do It - Endoscopic Approached To The Maxillary Sinus

Multilevel Assessment And Management Of Sleep Disordered Breathing


Richard Harvey

Carl Philpott

Heinz Stammberger James Zinreich

Narayanan Janakiram

Raymond Sacks Benjamin Bleier

Botox, Fillers And Lasers - Alwyn D'Souza

Assessment For Rhinoplasty - Hesham Saleh Screening For The Difficult Patient - Peter Andrews

Erin Wright

Richard Orlandi Peter Hwang Todd Kingdom

Mario Turri-Zanoni

Karl Hörmann


09.00 - 10:00

Monday Plenary

Overflow for Monday Plenary



Valerie Lund

Andrew Swift


The Future of Facial Plastics

- Pietro Palma

The Future of Rhinology - Wytske Fokkens


10.00 -




10:45 -


Frontal Sinus Surgery


Office-Based Rhinology

Acute ENT Emergencies

Paediatric Rhinitis

The Epithelium And Innate Immunity

Cases I Would Have Gladly Avoided

CRS Medical Management 1

Epistaxis 1

Sinonasal Malignancy 1

Septal Surgery 1

CRS Outcomes 1


Andreas Leunig

Basile Landis

Richard Orlandi

Marjolein Cornet Sietze Reitsma

Valerie Hox

Hideyuki Kawauchi

Alwyn D'Souza José Carlos Neves

Stella Lee Nicolas Busaba

William Coman Joanne Rimmer

Mark Jorissen Michael Tong

Simon Watts Hiba Al-Reefy

Rick Chandra Zsolt Bella


Who Needs Frontal Sinus Surgery - Sean Carrie

Too Little Or Too Much - And How Extensive Should Frontal Sinus Surgery Be? - Jean Anderson Eloy

Is There Still A Role For External Approaches? - Anshul Sama "Rebooting" The Frontal Sinus - Claus Bachert

Olfactory Loss And Neurodegenerative Diseases - Philippe Rombaux

A Patient's Perspective On Olfactory Loss - Louise Woollam

Smell Training And Medical Management - Thomas Hummel

The Role Of Surgery In Olfactory Dysfunction - Does It Really Work? - Simon Gane

Office-Based Rhinology - Peter Hwang

What Are The Limits Of Office-Based Rhinologic Care? - John DelGaudio Critically Evaluating Office- Based Rhinology - Todd Kingdom

Management Of Intractable Spontaneous Epistaxis - Thibaut Van Zele

Orbital Complications In Sinus Surgery - Cecilia Ahlström Emanuelsson Management And Complications Of ARS - Pavol Surda

Intracranial Complications Of Sinus Surgery - Isam Alobid

Getting The Right Information For The Differential Diagnosis In Paediatric Rhinitis - Maria Doulaptsi

Advances In Allergy Testing And Diagnosis - Marit Westman

Current Treatment Of Allergic Rhinitus In Children And Adolescents - Sanna Toppila-Salmi

Local Allergic Rhinitis In Children - Paloma Campo

Epithelial Barrier Function In Health And Disease - Brecht Steelant Epithelium And Innate

Immunity, What Happened In The Last Decade? - De- Yun Wang

Innate Lymphoid Cells In Nasal And Sinus Disease - Korneliusz Golebski Sensory Neuropeptides As First-Line Nasal Defence Mechanism - Olivia Larsson

Male Rhinoplasty - Gilbert Nolst Trenité

The Difficult Nasal Tip - David Roberts

Rhinoplasty Where My Tip Algorithm Failed - Balaji Natarajan

Should I Have Really Opened This Nose? - Yong- Ju Jang



12.05 - 13.15

CSF Leaks

Precision Medicine And Novel Treatments In CRS

The Role Of Nose In Snoring And OSA

Maximising Training

Paediatric Rhinology

Non Allergic Rhinitis

Tip Rhinoplasty


Pathophysiology 1

Acute Rhinosinusitis 1

Imaging and Investigations 1

Technological Advances

Allergic Rhinitis 1


Andrew Swift

Peter Hellings

Bhik Kotecha

Sally Erskine

Cemal Cingi

Ljiljana Jovancevic

Fazil Apaydin

Petros Karkos

Benoit Pugin

Roger Jankowski

Rainer Weber

Larry Khalish

Shaun Kilty

Oliver Kaschke

Martyn Barnes

De-Yun Wang

Michael Rudenko


Investigation Of The Suspected CSF Leak - Gregor Bachmann- Harildstad

Treatment Paradigm For Management Of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension - Rod Schlosser

Occult CSF Leaks After ESS - Michael Soyka

Closure Of CSF Leaks - Paolo Battaglia

Genomics in CRS - Joaquim Mullol

The Search For The Elusive Ideal Biomarker - Carsten Schmidt-Weber

The Role Of Bitter Taste Receptors In Predicting Outcomes In CRS - Noam Cohen

Novel Treatments For CRSwNP - Claus Bachert

Nasal Patho-Physiology In Sleep Related Breathing Disorders - Karl Hörmann Subjective And Objective Nasal Parameter Measurements In Sleep Related Breathing Disorders - Giancarlo Ottaviano

Medical And Surgical Nasal Treatment For Primary Snoring - Olivier Vanderveken

Role Of Nasal Surgery In CPAP Failures - Joachim Maurer

A Retrospective View On The Critical Steps In Training - Claire Hopkins Minimal Standards Of Training Across Europe - Thomas Jacques

How To Find A Clinical Fellowship - Valerie Hox How To Balance Life And Work - Abigail Walker

Management Of The Nose And Sinuses In Cystic Fibrosis - Kasper Aanaes Nasal Obstruction In Childhood - Dilyana Vicheva

Choanal Atresia Repair - Peter Valentin Tomazic Skull Base Surgery In The Paediatric Age Group - Ann- Louise McDermott

Pathophysiology And Its Impact On Medical Treatment - Peter Smith Vidian Neurectomy For Recalcitrant Rhinitis - Raymond Sacks

Quality Of Life In Non- allergic Rhinitis with Eosinophilia - Christine Segboer

Rhinitis In Pregnancy - Devyani Lal Therapeutic Effects Of

Capsaicin In Non-allergic Rhinitis - Laura Van Gerven

Beautifying The Primary Tip

- Pietro Palma Endonasal Tip Surgery - Alireza Mesbahi Achieving Tip Beauty & Balance - António Sousa Vieira

Nasal Tip Sculpturing - Alwyn D'Souza


13:15 -




14:45 -


Revision Sinus Surgery

Sinonasal Malignancy

Sleep Disorders Management

Case Report Session - CRS And Allergy

Management Of Olfactory Loss

Runny Noses

Revision Septorhinoplasty

CRS Surgery 1

Pituitary & Dental

Benign Nasal Tumours 1

CRS Diagnosis and Investigation 1

Smell and Taste 1


Sean Carrie

Valerie Lund

Bhik Kotecha

Thomas Jacques

Simon Gane

Devyani Lal

Alwyn D'Souza

Jean Anderson Eloy Sandra Lin

Todd Kingdom Amber Luong

Reda Kamel Humera Babar-Craig

Eliza Brozek Madry Stephen Ball

Maria Doulaptsi Laura Van Gerven


Ian Witterick Richard Voegels Paul White Joanne Rimmer

Codrut Sarafoleanu Christos Georgalas Kornkiat Snidvongs

David Holzmann Prepageran Narayanan Philippe Herman

Paulo Battaglia Narayanan Janakiram Cem Meço

Paula Virkkula Adriana Neagos Karl Hörmann Philippe Rombaux Joachim Maurer Olivier Vanderveken

Pernilla Sahlstrand Johnson Tomislav Baudoin

Ljiljana Jovancevic Catherine Rennie

Puya Dehgani Mobaraki Paloma Campo

Thomas Hummel Giancarlo Ottaviano Carl Philpott

Zara Patel Basile Landis Takaki Miwa

Elina Toskala Bella Zsolt

De-Yun Wang Christine Segboer Jin-Hee Cho Valerie Hox

Fazil Apaydin Yong-Ju Jang

Gilbert Nolst Trenité Santdeep Paun

Irina Vasilenko Capi Wever


16:15 -




16:45 -



The Role Of Nasal Surgery In Sleep Related Breathing Disorder

How I Do It - Management Of Septal Perforation

Practical Investigation And Management Of Allergy For ENT

How I Do It - Pituitary Surgery And Surgery Around The Sellar

Finesse In Tip Rhinoplasty

Reconstruction Of Full Thickness Nasal Defects

How I Do It: External Approaches To The Frontal Sinus

Oral Steroids Have No Useful Role In The Long Term Management Of Chronic


Chronic Rhinosinusitis Versus Chronic Nasal Dysfunction - Why A New


Nasal Irrigation: From Empiricism To Guidelines

How I Do It - Office Based Rhinology


Bhik Kotecha

Mark Jorissen

Michael Rudenko

Cem Meço

Holger Gassner

The Paramedian Forehead Flap - Peter Lohuis

Free Tissue Transfer - Callum Faris

Gerald McGarry


Roger Jankowski

Ludovic de Gabory

John DelGaudio