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Churchill Auditorium Ground Floor

Whittle Third Floor

St James Suite Fourth Floor

Westminster Suite Fourth Floor

Moore Fourth Floor

Abbey Fourth Floor

Mountbatten Sixth Floor

Gielgud Second Floor

Burton & Redgrave Second Floor

Albert Second Floor

Rutherford Fourth Floor

Victoria Second Floor


08.00 - 08.45


How I Do It - A Stepwise Approach To Frontal Sinus Surgery

Diagnosis And Management Of The Empty Nose

How To Set Up A Training Research Collaborative

A Lamella-Based, Modified ESS - Schedule, Including New Navigational Features

CRS - From Start To Surgery

Rhinoplasty In The Cleft Lip Patient

In And Around The Cavernous Sinus And Meckels Cave

How I Do It - Selective Posterior Neve Section For Rhinitis

How I Do It Epistaxis Management - Tips For A Successful Outcome

Management Of Nasal Trauma Including Naso- Orbital- Ethmoid Fractures

How I Do It - DCR


Devyani Lal

Yong Yu Jang

Richard Williams

Heinz Stammberger

Simon Carney

Philippe Rombaux

Iacopo Dallan

Rodney Schlosser

Raj Bhalla

Mehmet Manisali

Metin Onerci


09.00 - 10:00

Tuesday Plenary

Overflow for Tuesday Plenary



Wytske Fokkens


Piero Nicolai

Ricardo Carrau


10.00 -




10:45 -


Recalcitrant CRS

Pituitary Surgery

Technologic Advances In Managing Sinus Disease

Fitting Research Into My Training

Everything You Want To Know About HHT.......

Gastro-Esophageal Reflux And The Nose

Management Of Nasal Trauma: Acute & Elective

CSF Leaks 1

CRS Outcomes 2


Skull Base 1

Rhinoplasty 1


Martin Desrosiers

Sean Carrie

Martyn Barnes

Cristobal Langdon

Valerie Lund Gorazd Poje

Bibi Lange

Holger Gassner Jose Carlos Neves

Gregor Bachman

Harildstad Michael Soyka

Abigail Walker Alkis Psaltis

Tim Biggs Stephan Vlaminck

Darlene Lubbe Shahzada Ahmed

Callum Faris Frodita Jakimovska


Endotyping of CRS - Pongsakorn Tantilipikorn Investigation Of The Patient Who Has Failed ESS? - Richard Douglas Medical Therapies In Recalcitrant CRS - Ian Witterick

Role Of Revision Surgery In SCUAD - Quentin Gardiner

Why Multidisciplinary Care Is Vital - Christos Georgalas Technique - State Of The Art In The 21st Century - Daniel Simmen

Outcomes In Pituitary Surgery - Are We Doing Well Enough? - Wouter van Furth

Stereotactic Radiotherapy Indications And Controversies -Ron Beaney

Advances In Fusion - Heinz Stammberger

Advances In Navigation - Augmented Reality - Oliver Kaschke

Advances In 3D Endoscopy - Marco Caversaccio Advances In Sinus Imaging - Tim Beale

How To Unite Research And Clinical Work - Peter Hellings

Research In Rhinology; Where To Begin? - Anna Slovick

PubMed Vs Social Media In Research - Aleksandra Barac

Substance P: A Novel First- Line Defense Mechanism In The Upper Airways - Olivia Larsson

Overview And Chest Problems - Claire Shovlin Patient Perspective - Charles Joubeily Treatment Of Mild To Moderate HHT - Anette Drøhse Kjeldsen Treatment Of Severe Bleeding - Joanne Rimmer

Is GERD Associated With CRS And Rhinological disease - Brendan Hanna Does treatment of GERD improve symptoms of CRS - Tomas Baudoin

Multi Channel Impedance Acid Measurement - Sverre Steinsvag

Management Of Cough And Catarrh - Russell Cathcart

Facial Trauma In Children - Dirk Jan Menger Management Of Soft Tissue Injuries - Santdeep Paun

Management Of Nasal Factures - Ben Hunter Management Of Facial Skeleton Injuries - Jahrad Haq



12.05 - 13.15

Inverting Papilloma

Sinonasal Malignancy -

What Have I Learnt

Approaches To The

Maxillary Sinus

Moving From Training To

Independent Practice

BRS Badged Session -


Ethics In Rhinology

Nasal And Facial


Rhinitis 1

Allergic Rhinitis 2

Skull Base 2


Rhinology 1

CRS Diagnosis and

Investigation 2


Itzhak Braverman

Ricardo Carrau

Roger Jankowski

Puya Dehgani Mobaraki

Russell Cathcart

William Coman

David Roberts Ben Hunter

Marjolein Cornet

Aleksandar Perić

Yves Brand Pavlos


Jan Plzák Eric Wang

Ann-Louise McDermott

Dilyana Vicheva

Zara Patel Richard Voegels


Pathophysiology Of Inverting Papilloma - Roh Hwang-Jung

What Is The Risk Of Malignant Transformation In Inverting Papiloma - Christian von Buchwald Origin Related Surgery - Reda Kamel

Adjuvant Therapies In IP - Gwijde Adriaensen

Epidemiology Of Nose And Sinus Tumours - Pär Stjärne What Have I Learnt From The Management Of Olfactory Neuroblastoma - Richard Harvey Adenocarcinoma - Mark Jorissen

Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Philippe Herman

Mucosal Melanoma - Valerie Lund

Prelacrimal Approaches - Bing Zhou

Indications For Medial Maxillectomy - Hans Rudolf Briner

Silent Sinus Syndrome - Philippe Eloy

Modified Denkers Approach - Mario Turri- Zanoni

Starting Out In Private Practice - Anil Joshi Securing A Consultant Post - Catherine Rennie

Returning To Work After A Career Break - Humera Babar-Craig

Using Simulation In Training - Martyn Barnes

Investigation And Treatment Options In Recurrent Epistaxis - Iain Hathorn

Surgical Management Of Acute Epistaxis - Gerald McGarry

Interventional Radiology In Acute Epistaxis - Adam Rennie

The UK Audit Of Epistaxis Treatment - Richard Williams

David Kennedy Daniel Sokol

Decision Making On Partial Nasal Repair - Timothy Woolford

Finesse In Nasal Reconstruction - Peter Lohuis

Local Flaps For Soft Tissue Defects - Ulas Raghavan Lip Reconstruction - Ioannis Constantinidis


13:15 -




14:45 -


Challenges In The Frontal Sinus

Skull Base Surgery - What

Are The Limits Of Endoscopic Dissection

Is Immunotherapy The

Answer For Allergic Rhinitis?

What Is The Role Of Septal And Turbinate Surgery

Medicolegal Liability In Rhinology

Should We Operate On

The Minimally Diseased Patient?

Challenges In Primary Septorhinoplasty

Lacrimal Surgery 1

CRS Surgery 2

Snoring and OSA 1

CSF Leaks 2 and CRS Surgery 3

Septal Surgery 2


Wytske Fokkens

Piero Nicolai

Harsha Kariyawasam

Sean Carrie

David Kennedy

Richard Douglas

Pietro Palma

Mario Turri-Zanoni Thibaut Van Zele

Philip Harries Adrina Neagos

Maria Suurna Paula Virkkula

Hussam Elbosraty Eugenio De Corso

Roland Hettige James Earnshaw


Brent Senior Isam Alobid Anshul Sama Richard Harvey Nobuyoshi Otori Cem Meço

Iacopo Dallan Erin Wright Shahzada Ahmed Ricardo Carrau Darlene Lubbe

Prepageran Narayanan

Joaquim Mullol Chae-Seo Rhee

Pongsakorn Tantilipikorn Sarah Wise

Adam Chaker Marit Westman

Cecilia Ahlström Emanuelsson

Niels van Heerbeek Michael Setzen Paul White

Larry Kalish

Werner Hosemann Gerald McGarry Anders Cervin

Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen Metin Onerci

Roger Jankowski Yves Brand

Luke Rudmik Paulo Gonçalves Raymond Sacks

Sanna Toppila-Salmi

José Carlos Neves Fazil Apaydin Timothy Woolford Alireza Mesbahi Peter Hellings


16:15 -




16:45 -



Full House ESS Has Gone Too Far - There Is Still A Place For Nasal Polypectomy

Challenging CSF Leaks - Tips And Tricks

How I Do It - Endoscopic Approaches To The Posterior Ethmoid And Sphenoid Sinuses

Imaging And Anatomy Of The Skull Base

International Consensus On Allergic Rhinitis

Finesse In The Nasal Dorsum

How I Do It - Orbital Decompression And Optic Nerve Decompression

Cystic Fibrosis And Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia; Their Impact On The Nose And Their Management

How I Do It - Nasalisation For Nasal Polyposis: Science And Technique

Testing Nasal Hyperreactivity

The Nose And Eyes - Commonly Affected, Commonly Treated


Robert Kern V Richard Harvey

Isam Alobid Cristobal Langdon

Hans Rudolf Briner

Roberto Maroldi

Sarah Wise Sandra Lin Elina Toskala

How To Master The Nasal Dorsum- Daniel Simmen Spare Roof Technique - Miguel Goncalves Ferreira

Hesham Saleh

Christian von Buchwald

Roger Jankowski

Livije Kalogjera

Jean-Luc Fauquert